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Homebirth Services 

Be the creator of your birth story.

The birth story of your baby starts the day you started to plan your pregnancy and/or at conception. Since then you have made every decision leading up to this moment.  As a parent you have started to make the best decisions for you and your baby.

As your midwife, my commitment is to provide support, fostering a collaborative partnership between us throughout your entire journey of care.


Prenatal visits are typically 60 - 90 mins long. This is the moment were we get to know each other and build trust. I see prenatal care as a vital part of our relationship that is being built for your birth. I incorporate body work, nutritional advice, supplements, homeopathy, herbal remedies, and Bach Flowers to ensure your well being.


From the moment we start working together through 28 weeks - Every 4 weeks 

28 to 36 weeks - Every 2 weeks 

After 36 weeks - Weekly until your baby is born 

*Additional visits can be made. 

Prenatal visits are an opportunity for us to connect, get to know each other, and develop a trusting relationship.


As the birth gets closer we will be in close communication, I will be on call for you from 37-42 weeks gestation for labor and birth support. I believe in undisturbed birth. You can be accompanied by whomever you choose, taking into account your desire for intimacy.

Home birth

During the birth process we are making sure that the environment is

  • Intimate

  • Protected

  • Loving

  • Compassionate

  • Pleasant

  • Calm

Facilitating that you can welcome your baby, without haste, respecting the physiological closure of the cord, and doing skin-to-skin, thus favoring the affective bond. The birth concludes with the birth of the placenta.

Birth is a transformative process, it is a moment for you to trust your intuition.


As you welcome your baby there is a pause, a moment for you to integrate. I will  stay with you to assess you and your baby's well-being, between 4 - 6 hours postpartum.

During the immediate postpartum I will do

  • A head to toe newborn exam

  • A pelvic exam to check for any tearing, I carry the equipment to suture if it is necessary

  • Postpartum instructions are given for you and baby 

  • I'll be making sure you ate and are able to move around confidently.

  • Light abdominal massage and belly binding 

Newborn exam

Even after I leave your home, I am on-call for you. Visits are done at home at 24 hour postpartum, 3rd day, 1 week, 2 weeks,  4 weeks and at 6 weeks postpartum.

Complementary visits are done at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. These visits are for you and/or baby. During the visits I can address new transitions, questions about pelvic floor, and well-person.

Exciting news!

I am partnering up with Tema at La Matriz Birth Services.

What does this mean?

It means that families who would like to move forward with the care will have the opportunity to get to know Tema during the prenatal visits as she will be part of the birth team. 


Tema and I have been working together since 2019. I started in her practice as a student midwife and finished the prerequisites to get the midwifery license. Tema has been my mentor and continues to be one. I've been assisting her in some of her classes such as Spinning Babies, Belly Binding, and Postpartum Sealing retreats. 


I'm thrilled to announce  that we will be conducting trainings together. If you would like to stay in touch, follow us on instagram and/or subscribe. 


Get to know more about Bianca 'Tema' Mercado by visiting her website. 


Is there an option to birth in a birth center?


I also offer support for families seeking an out-of-hospital birth by providing an alternative option at a birth center in San Diego, with an additional cost to cover the birth center's fee.

Can I have a homebirth after a c-section

Yes, you can. I highly support VBACs ( Vaginal Birth After Cesarean ) ! With the right support  and guidance you can birth your baby. It is safest when conceiving your current pregnancy at least 18 months after your previous birth.

Do you help with the paperwork process after birth?


Yes, I will provide you with a letter and instructions to obtain the birth certificate. Once you obtain your baby's birth certificate, I will be providing you with instructions on how to obtain the social security.

Aboriginal Style Dot Painting
Aboriginal Style Dot Painting
The Global Midwifery fee:

The fee covers all prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. It does not include any lab work, ultrasounds, or visits with other providers.

An initial non-refundable payment of $700 due at the first appointment, followed by a minimum $250 payment at every prenatal appointment until paid in full. The balance of compensation is due by 36 weeks.

" Out of our five children, my latest delivery assisted by Alix was my most peaceful, relaxing, and natural childbirth experience yet. From the beginning of my prenatal care, Alix cared for me and my baby holistically. She gave me educated input towards my health and delivery preparations while remaining sensitive to my desires and goals. Alix's care for me and my baby from day one set us up well for healthy and sweet postpartum days of recovering and enjoying our little one."

- Grace

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