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Body Balancing


Body Balancing

Pain or discomfort may occur during pregnancy, however, this may be the result of an imbalance. All muscles and ligaments are linked together, when one is out of balance it can cause a domino effect impacting those around it.


The muscles and ligaments around the pelvic area are released when a prenatal massage is given. This is of great benefit to both the mother and the baby, offering relief from discomfort and creating additional space, enhancing their well-being.


Can help you with

  • Having baby in the optimal position for birth

  • Relieve lower back pain

  • Relieve ligament pain from the pubic bone area

  • Relieve sciatica pain

  • Stay in balance

  • Release diaphragm to help ease breathing

The body balance is provided for stress reduction, relaxation, relief from muscular tension, and improvement of circulation.


A session for a baby that is breech is different than a body  balancing session. During the session there are different things I like to address: the physical and the emotional state.


The emotional state is an important factor as stress tends to be high because of the "news" of your baby being breech. As we regulate the nervous system during the session, I am also supporting your body to allow more space for your baby to turn.


The physical body changes during gestation and it is also influenced by the routine we have. 

Ways to provide space:
  • Softening tissues - muscles and ligaments 

  • Stretching 

  • Attending the nervous system 


The session usually lasts 90 mins to 120mins. During the first visit I will do a history intake before we start the session. 


A baby's position may change during gestation as long as there is space for the baby to move around. When a baby is still breech by 32 weeks we can start supporting your body to provide the space for them to move and turn head down. 

Each session is a processes, different things are being achieved per visit. This means that every time we see each other it will look different.   

Aboriginal Style Dot Painting
Aboriginal Style Dot Painting

Body Balancing  /  Breech

$150 per session

The sessions are done at the office.


  • Body balancing

  • The use of rebozo

  • Exercises that you can do at home

Please wear something comfortable that you do not mind getting stained.

** The services offered are not a substitute for medical care


Body Balancing

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