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Aboriginal Style Dot Painting

Connecting innate wisdom with evidence-based information to provide the best care for you

Traditional ways to care for you and your baby.

Why Naturopathy

Why choose a midwife?


Individualized care

The visits and the care are unique to the family's needs.

Holistic Approach

We see the person as a whole: body, mind, and spirit.  At the visits we will be checking in to see how you are doing and how to best support you.


There will be time at every visit to answer the questions you may have.

We work as a team

We will work as a team throughout your care, as  I provide you with the information you need and you will be making informed decisions every step of the way.


I see the role of the midwife like a GUARDIANA ( guardian ) who will be supporting you throughout your journey and holding space for you, as you make your decisions.

Midwives specialize on what is normal to support both mom and baby.



Midwifery is a community model.  Each midwife has walked the path of learning in diverse practices.  We continue weaving our knowledge with one another, even a student contributes a great value to the practice.  You may have the chance to encounter aspiring student midwives who are actively becoming part of our practice.


 Continuamos tejiendo cada uno de nuestros conocimientos para así poder aportar

un mejor servicio a cada una de las familias. 

"My pregnancy & birth experience was made absolutely magical by Alix and her team of truly amazing midwives (and student midwives). From the very first meeting, Alix made us feel so comfortable with her calm energy and ability to answer every question we brought up. She was professional, yet warm and made us feel so supported each step of the way. "

- Maddie

Meet Alix Medina

Hola !

I offer midwifery services in the community of San Diego CA and Tijuana BC.  I passionately dedicate myself to supporting families by fostering physical restoration, offering compassionate prenatal care, guidance during childbirth, and providing nurturing care during the postpartum period.

I am drawn to this profession because I witness the remarkable growth of empowerment in individuals throughout the prenatal, birthing, and postpartum stages—a transformation that continues to resonate even years after our initial connection. The incredible impact of personal empowerment is inspiring, not only in how it shapes an individual's journey but also in the ability to empower and uplift those within their sphere of influence.

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