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About Alix

Find your path, your strength and your community

'From women to women,

And sister to sister,

The sacred knowledge is passed,

As we guard those women in labor

Thundering through the ancient dance of birth'

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Our Story

"Our Story" because behind me stand all my ancestors, women and teachers who have supported me since I started this journey.

Primero “Soy”

y también mujer latina, nieta, hija, hermana,

aprendiz de todo y todos los que me rodean.

Alix Andrea Medina Verdugo born in Los Angeles and raised by the border of San Diego/ Tijuana.

I've been diving into the realm of babies and expecting mothers, never realizing I'd venture into becoming a midwife. Every twist and turn in life has molded me into who I am today. Since 2015, I've served as a birth doula, and from then on, I've felt drawn to various training opportunities that have deepened my understanding of birth.

Upon joining Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery, a beautiful alignment began to unfold. The right individuals emerged, offering unwavering support and guidance as I embarked on this new journey.

I believe that a person's life can be influenced even before conception takes place. Throughout prenatal visits, we hold the power to make a profound difference in how we care for expecting mothers as they sculpt a world for their unborn babies. As mothers, they have the ability to pass on the empowerment they've experienced through their care. This heightened awareness, shared within the immediate family, is what truly creates a transformative impact.

I acknowledge the profound significance of the birthing experience, the way the baby is welcomed during birth can influence how they perceive the world.



We are connected and for decades we have supported each other.

It's time to reconnect with our roots and care for each other with genuine love and compassion.

The work in Tijuana, Mexico

Parteras in Tijuana

I am part of Partería y Medicinas Ancestrales AC an organization that provides services - well person, prenatal visits, birth, postpartum visits newborn and lactation support -  to migrant families at  Justicia an Salud.


Out of hospital birth class to EMTs in Tijuana

At  the clinic I offer support to the student midwives by overseeing their clinical abilities and providing small trainings to further develop their midwifery skills.


The clinic offers continuous education to all the volunteers like;

  • Acupressure

  • Acupuncture

  • Cupping

  • Chinese medicine 

  • Herbalism

  • Opportunities to continue developing their abilities as midwives

Partería y Medicinas Ancestrales AC also provides education to the community.

  • Out of hospital births 

  • Physiological birth

  • Childbirth class

  • Lactation class

  • Family planing 

  • Menstrual cycles

Alix at Justicia en Salud Clinic in Tijuana

If you want to learn more about

Parteria y Medicinas Ancestrales AC

Partera in Tijuana


outside the US

  • Medical State Board of California – Licensed Midwife

  • North American Registry of Midwives – Certified Professional Midwife

  • Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery

  • ALPP certified - Lactation Counselor

  • Breech Release Workshop

  • Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner

  • Neonatal Resuscitation program - NRP


  • Belly Binding

  • DONA International - Birth Doula

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) - Postpartum doula

  • International Placenta and Postpartum Association (IPPA)- Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

  • Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss- The Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death


  • Partera Certificada - Compeceer

  • Cerradas - Postpartum sealing Partera Angelina

  •  Acupressure Seeds, NADA protocol - training with Acupuncturist without borders

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